When I visit you this is the Hand-Out that summarizes my Position on some issues. There are also other issues discussed as posts under the ‘NEWS’ tab.

I, Ray Hobson, believe that change is inevitable and positive progress is desirable. On the other hand, in Prince Edward County (PEC) Heritage is the cornerstone of our identity. In order to be on the right side of change, we must consciously balance Change vs Heritage.

I have invested a major portion of my years in Picton and I plan to continue living here. Picton is home to me. I would like to raise PEC voter expectations. My background is in engineering management. I feel strongly that more research needs to be done by Councilors before issues come to a vote. Also more expansive questions need to be asked if we are going to make headway on the current issues. At least a few of these issues are generated by forces outside of PEC and may require negotiation.

Do not believe anyone promising specific results! I am committed to use my engineering skills to research the details relevant to the issues that affect the taxpayers of the County. I have a proven ability in problem analysis and creating inventive solutions. I am convinced that my attention to detail will benefit Council decisions. I have the time and herby commit full-time to the job of a councilor. I have already done significant research on many topics affecting Picton Ward. There is no concern with salary or re-election either, because my motive for running is to get inside the machine and make it run more efficiently. That includes effective collaboration with fellow Councilors.

I continually hear people complaining that they can’t get a doctor or that the doctors here are overburdened with too many patients. There are also voids that have not yet been filled from doctors retiring. That may be one reason why our emergency room is so busy.  Healthcare is one of the key concerns in Ward 1 and for all of The County. We need to recruit doctors to live and work in the County. I also want to make sure every effort is made to build the new hospital as planned. It is integral to the stability of our community. The message must get out that we the public must contribute if the hospital is to become a reality. Businesses are starting to do their part, now it’s the public’s turn to rally and work together as a Community Team.

Since we want to keep people, jobs are key. The right jobs in particular, as the trades are woefully understaffed. Almost everyone is concerned with finding jobs. For people looking to stay in the County, we must be creative. We need full time work that pays a living wage. This will allow people with families to remain in the County and prosper.

Affordable housing is not just a local issue; it is a global problem that very many are facing. PEC has put $250,000 aside, but what are we going to do with it? The parameters of affordable housing must be defined. We need to work with key individuals to find a “County way” to meet this housing shortage. It needs to be one of the top TO DO items of the new Council

In 2019, PEC can offset new Bylaw enforcement costs with income from short-term rental governance. With the amount of money the Hosts are making, I feel it only fair for some to be given back directly. We have developed a great brand in PEC and we should be receiving more of the direct benefits.

The current high school curriculum does nothing to prepare or encourage new voters in municipal politics. There are opportunities for council to engage youth and help them learn about Municipal Politics in their hometown.

There is no need to re-invent the wheel. I would like to see us look to the other (440+) Ontario municipalities to adopt best practices. An Association of Municipalities (AMO) exists but in my opinion it is mainly used to lobby the Government. Certainly that activity is useful but the AMO is underused as a resource for mutual consultation. Refocusing would allow us to work jointly on issues that impact our fellow Ontarians such as Co-op Housing, Food Insecurity, and especially engineering solutions to water and wastewater.

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