Digital Salmon Pt

I recommend Digital Heritage Files.

PEC Heritage includes ships and shipping. Given our geography whereby we ‘stick out’ into Lake Ontario, lighthouses are an integral element of ships and shipping. Salmon Point Lighthouse is an iconic structure that is no longer serves the original function. It has been Private Property for a long time and requires water or aerial approaches to even get a glimpse. The ravages of time and lack of adequate maintenance means the structure is slowly slipping away from us. I think the Salmon Point Lighthouse would be a good ‘proof of purpose’ Project for a Digital Heritage File.

22214eaa-04b4-48a2-8c1c-77df792248bb  salmonpoint1_on_2010

Given that the owner shows no indication of preserving the Lighthouse and there are no other monies readily available, a Digital File is better than letting it disappear. I envision a complete file including:
1) Video – exterior & interior walking cam tours
2) Audio – interviews with persons historically involved
3) Photos – new and old
4) Text – archive articles, maps, etc
5) Budget & journal as a Continuous Improvement step

Note1: This file could be raw material for a Documentary but that is not the prime purpose.
Note2: Certain elements might serve as a Project for PECI A/V Students.
Note3: File and repeat for other Heritage properties, prioritized for those that are scheduled for renovations, decks, etc




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