STA Today

Unfortunately I will miss today’s CoW Meeting. I contributed an opinion to the Agenda and I feel compelled to comment here. I hope the Current Council decides for action. However if they do not STA regulation will remain a priority of my Campaign.

Timing is of the essence. This STA issue is growing exponentially. There is no way PEC should wait until every detail is agreed. The living document approach is the only practical approach. Going forward, PEC could ‘cherry pick’ specific clauses as there is a regulation movement worldwide. Ideally, a PEC-STA-Association would contribute research to this process.

Some of the STA hosts have abused the good will of their neighbors. Those abused neighbors are now demanding regulation and protection. It is in their best interest that PEC enacts regulation immediately.

IMHO: My recommended approach does not take anything significant away from respectful STA hosts.

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