Call to Action

This is my current STA position as printed in The Times, 19Sep18. The Gazette declined to print it (yet).

Laws, bylaws and regulations are enacted for two main reasons. First to protect those who cannot protect themselves and second to regulate those who refuse to regulate themselves.

There are about 12,000 total households in PEC. Of those there are about 1,000 Short Term Accommodation (STA) properties. I cannot call them households as there are many absentee property owners. The STA Hosts that care about PEC community values have allowed their fellow Hosts to force a Municipal response for the PEC taxpaying majority that want protection and regulation.

Some may think that protection is too strong a word. I would like to point out that the first responder to a property compliant should be the property owner not the Police. Currently the Police use too many resources on complaints against STA Host properties.

Most property owners in PEC exhibit public pride in their property. Nobody wants garbage left curbside on Sunday for Wednesday pickup. Parking space is under strain in some neighborhoods even without additional visitor traffic. There needs to be a balance yet some neighborhoods are bearing an unfair burden.

A STA License is a privilege as it allows light commercial use in a Residential Zone. There is meant to be a trade off. Regulation is an ongoing project worldwide. The PEC Plan should not be considered as a surprise by anyone in the Hosting Business. However, the response I observe is a climate of secrecy, a we vs. them attitude and bewildering talk of an Association. At the STA Plan meeting on Sept 10, I heard someone claim to represent an STA Association who wanted to work with the Municipality. However he seemed confused when asked by the Chair to supply contact info. At this time I am not sure if there is a representative Association.

Call to Action: those Hosts that care about PEC should show their Community spirit and help regulate the Hosts that are profiteering.

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